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The Ultimate Tool for Exercise Prescription


Intuitive and easy to use exercise prescription software designed by leading physiotherapists. Create stunning exercise plans for your patients in less than one minute.


Rehab My Patient is an intuitive and easy to use exercise prescription software loved by many physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and sports therapists. You can choose from more than 2,500 different exercices with HD videos, created from leading experts in physiotherapy, strength and conditioning and sports rehabilitation. All the exercises are adapted to the individual needs of each of your clients. Many of the exercises are evidence-based.

It can be used on any computer, tablet or phone. With only a few clicks you can make a full exercise plan, and print or e-mail it straight away to your client. And the best thing is that it is REALLY EASY!

  • Fully customizable exercise sheets
  • Print or E-mail exercises in just one minute
  • Find a large range of exercises in our Rehab My Patient library
  • Choose colour photos or lineart illustrations to create an exercise plan
  • Upload your own images and use them together with Rehab My Patient exercises
  • Your logo and your contact details on the exercise plans
  • Send HD videos of the exercises
  • Use Rehab My Patient on the computer, phone or tablet and work wherever you are
  • Save time by working at any convenient place - Rehab My Patient is the mobile office in your hand
  • Affordable pricing plans for the clinic or individual practitioner

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