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News From Our PartnersJun 5, 2024

In a Q&A article, Daniel Elias discusses how HCPG became an 'extra team member' at his Bath clinic

Consultant youth physiotherapist Daniel Elias from the Youth Physiotherapy Clinic in Bath explains what prompted him to contact HCPG and how he gained peace of mind over crucial apects of running his business as a result of the help they provided 

What attracted you to physiotherapy as a profession? 

My earliest memory as to how I ended up on the path to becoming a physiotherapist was a brief encounter in my teens with a sports physiotherapist at my athletics club, where I used to compete in decathlon. Later, after I completed a sports and exercise science degree I worked as a therapy assistant in a stroke rehabilitation unit in north London and this experience solidified my passion to go on and study physiotherapy with all the wonderful opportunities this career provides.

HCPG helps you move from 'unconscious competence' to 'conscious competence'!


When and where did you graduate and how has your career evolved?  

I graduated from St George’s Hospital Medical School in south London in 2008 and spent my early career at St George’s Hospital on my core rotations (neurology, cardiorespiratory, orthopaedics and musculoskeletal (MSK) before specialising in MSK outpatients. Alongside this I worked as an assistant physiotherapist for Barking Rugby Club.

In 2013, I left the NHS and ventured into the world of private MSK physiotherapy, where I have been ever since. I have also worked (and continue to work) as a physiotherapist for the England Athletics team since 2015 across age groups from under 13 to under 20s. I ventured back into academia in 2018 and gained a distinction in my MSc in Sports Injury Rehabilitation from the University of Salford.

Most recently, my career has again progressed with starting my own business – the Youth Physiotherapy Clinic – in Bath in 2023, which specialises in treating 8-18-year-olds.

How did the Youth Physiotherapy Clinic start and what sets it apart from other clinics?

Having worked in the healthcare system for 16 years, it seemed apparent to me that secondary lifestyle diseases and inactivity are prevalent in our adult patient cohort, and I have always wanted to be able to turn back the clock and instil a love for movement, sport and exercise as positive early life experiences. Alongside this, there is also the worrying trend of moderate levels of youth inactivity. 

This has fuelled a passion to gradually specialise in treating children and young people to create an environment, alongside injury mitigation and management, whereby children can explore movement and develop positive experiences that will last a lifetime. Over lockdown I created a podcast, titled Believe Move Grow, where I interviewed experts in multiple fields in children’s physical and mental health.  Although I had to pause the podcast due to time constraints, it galvanised an idea of mine to create a specialised youth clinic.

I work closely with the children and parents to address injury and provide age and skeletally-appropriate rehabilitation. Alongside this I aim to educate both the child and parent on aspects of growth and maturation, how to manage the active child and instil an age-appropriate understanding as to how their body functions and begin the journey of autonomy over one’s health and wellbeing.

In addition to creating a compliant practice, other aspects that prompted me to contact HCPG were both Sandra and Sarah being chartered physiotherapists, their experience in auditing clinics, and the comfort of having an extra ‘team member’ in my business looking into robust governance!

Tell us about what prompted you to contact HCPG 

Starting your own business can be daunting with all the policy writing and compliancy tasks. Having graduated in 2008, this aspect of setting up your own private practice was not covered at university. Although there are resources detailing how to set up a private practice, the thought of researching and writing my own policies was a daunting prospect and extremely time consuming alongside my clinical practice.  My wife highly recommended HCPG having worked with them on her own business.  In addition to creating a compliant practice, other aspects that prompted me to contact HCPG were both Sandra and Sarah being chartered physiotherapists, their experience in auditing clinics, and the comfort of having an extra ‘team member’ in my business looking into robust governance!

Why do you think some physios don't want to engage with HCPG?

I think it can be natural to fear what we don’t know, which can lead to a level of unconscious incompetence i.e. you don’t know what you don’t know. There may also be a fear of judgement if you have not worked on your policies and compliance. This is so far from the truth with both Sarah and Sandra being extremely approachable and showing no judgement throughout the whole process.

What will they gain from engaging?

In working with Sandra and Sarah you will gain a bespoke level of compliance and governance within your business. You and your patients will also gain peace of mind that this crucial aspect of your business is being addressed in depth. At the end of the journey, you will have moved from a level of unconscious competence to conscious competence!

How has working with HCPG improved your practice?

From a personal viewpoint, I feel more acutely aware of my own safety within my clinical practice, especially within areas of lone working and home visits, which can have different challenges attached to them outside of a normal working clinic.   

How do you relax away from work?

With two young children, I have to work hard to carve out relaxing time, but I love to run, attend the gym and read books!

Daniel Elias is a consultant youth physiotherapist and director of the Youth Physiotherapy Clinic 

Email: Dan@youthphysioclinic.co.uk

Author: Daniel Elias
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