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GeneralMay 5, 2021

Women working in key NHS posts could find their careers stalling as a result of Covid-19's impact

The career prospects of female NHS employees – including allied health professionals (AHPs) – may have been dealt a blow in recent months as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the NHS Confederation.

The confederation’s Health and Care Women Leaders Network conducted a survey of NHS staff who worked through the pandemic in February and March, shortly after it reached a deadly peak in January.


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Many women in the NHS with children are finding their hands are full at home

More than 1,200 NHS staff responded to at least part of the survey; about 900 of them completed it in full, including more than 800 staff who said they were female. The results, released today (5 May), cover the responses of those women who answered every question in the survey.

Worsening mental and physical health 

Most respondents (more than 80 per cent) – who included AHPs, nurses, doctors, managers and admin staff – said their job had a greater negative impact than usual on their emotional wellbeing as a result of the pandemic (an 8 per cent rise since a similar poll was conducted last summer). Asked about the effects on their physical health, 65 per cent of respondents said there had been a negative impact (...

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