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Glasgow-based physio Fiona Youngman basks in golden glow as team picks up hip award

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The impressive facade of Glasgow Royal Infirmary, where Fiona Youngman is based


Physiotherapist Fiona Youngman from Glasgow Royal Infirmary is ‘delighted’ after her highly specialised physiotherapist orthopaedics team won this year’s prestigious Golden Hip Award.

The team received the award because it met the highest overall performance measures against a set of standards for patients with hip fracture over the course of a year.

In a release announcing the win on the hospital’s website, Ms Youngman said: ‘We were delighted to find out we’d won the award. It is fantastic for the whole multidisciplinary team to gain recognition for the improvements we have made to deliver a high standard of care for all hip fracture patients. 

‘We are motivated to maintain these high standards of care, looking for ways to keep improving.'

'All-round care' package

Ms Youngman added: ‘Over the past few years we have taken a multidisciplinary team approach to improving our attainment of the national hip fracture standards, which has been key to improve the all-round care and outcomes of our hip fracture patients.’

Karen Adam, from the Scottish Government’s directorate of health performance and delivery from, sent a congratulatory message to staff.

‘This prestigious award is in recognition of achievement of the highest standards of care for patients who sustain a hip fracture. To accomplish this is through a focused and consistent multidisciplinary team approach ensures the best care and outcomes for this mainly frail group of patients.’

To see the hospital’s press release, dated 10 July, visit: https://www.nhsggc.org.uk/about-us/media-centre/news/2021/07/glasgow-royal-infirmary-wins-national-award/

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