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Level Health job vacancy offers recent graduates opportunity to join a two-year academy programme

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Level Health – a company whose founder and managing director is a physiotherapist – is looking for a recent graduate to join its growing team. The successful applicant will join a two-year programme under the auspices of the company’s Health Training Academy.

Founder Mo Alvi, who was recently profiled by PhysioUpdate, said: ‘We set up the academy because we realised that new graduates were missing a significant chunk of the “human aspect” of being a physiotherapist.’ Topics in the syllabus range from clinical excellence and clinical psychology, through to communication, functional rehabilitation and holistic care. 

A growing company

Mo says the company has been able to minimise the effects of Covid-19 on employees and self-employed staff members alike, and is pleased that no one has been placed on furlough.
‘At the moment, we are offering a blend of face-to-face and remote working with our patients in east Kent.
‘We have recently taken on a new primary care network, with an extra four GP practices now using our services.’

Continuing professional development opportunities
As well as offering new recruits weekly clinical supervision/mentoring sessions, there are monthly in-service continuing professional development training meetings. All team members take part in these sessions, which the company says ‘contribute to a well-rounded, robust, supportive and patient-centred teaching programme’.

In addition, Level Health’s annual training budget means that staff can take up specialist development opportunities.

Salary confirmed

The company plays a part in the Regional Spinal Network, the Health Innovation Network and a variety of university-based research programmes. Applicants must be committed to ‘delivering quality care and evidence-based practice', and show a ‘true passion and commitment to holistic health care’.
Salary: up to £26,500.

Senior post also available

There is also an opening for a senior musculoskeletal physiotherapist, with a salary of up to £35,000 being offered.

For more information, visit: https://www.levelhealth.co.uk/copy-of-level-health-academy

To find out more about Mo Alvi, visit: https://www.physioupdate.co.uk/news/meet-mo-alvi-a-physiotherapist-and-business-owner-with-a-passion-for-working-with-people


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