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Power Diary customers can now access 'game-changing' Health Practice Operations Manual


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Physiotherapists who use Power Diary, an online practice management software, can now access an in-platform Health Practice Operations Manual.

The development – said to be an industry-first – allows practice owners to create, implement and update a set of policies and procedures that support operational consistency, enable sustainable growth and ensure compliance with their professional, ethical and regulatory obligations.

'Governance is not typically considered an exciting topic but it is vitally important for the safe operations of an efficient business and can lead to stellar growth,' said Damien Adler, Power Diary's co-founder.  

Mr Adler continued: 'Practice owners often know they need a practice manual but simply don’t have time or resources to create one from scratch. It can be an overwhelming task.

'Having had the opportunity to support thousands of practitioners globally, we are thrilled to provide them with both the technology to create and manage a practice manual, along with over 100 pre-written policies and procedures that can be used straight away. We think this will be an absolute game-changer for many practices.'

The operations manual was developed by a team of healthcare practice managers and administrative experts with more than 50 years' combined experience.

Through accessing the operations manual, users have access to a core set of policies and procedures for areas such as:

  • team support and development
  • health and safety
  • security
  • confidentiality and privacy
  • customer service
  • physical environment
  • each topic can be configured to suit the business

Tercyus Ribeiro, Power Diary’s data protection officer, said: 'The legal vulnerability that practices are exposed to due to a lack of policies and procedures could potentially put them at risk.' He added: 'When practices configure this feature, they are adding an important extra layer of protection to their business.'

Power Diary’s Health Practice Operations Manual is available to new and current customers at no additional charge. The manual must be activated by an administrative user on the account. For more information on the Health Practice Operations Manual, visit www.powerdiary.com/manual

Power Diary includes calendar management, automated appointment reminders (SMS + email), custom treatment note templates, client database, waiting list, client invoicing, an online booking portal, two-way SMS chat, and a lot more! Power Diary is designed specifically for health clinics and its clients range from sole practitioners through to large, multi-location practices.

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