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PhysioUpdate is an independent website and a regular newsletter offering stimulating and practical information to physiotherapy staff. We aim to help members of the profession to lead and shape healthcare developments in both the NHS and independent sectors in the months and years ahead. By joining the PhysioUpdate community, you will hear about, and have the opportunity to contribute to, the latest developments in practice, the profession and your chosen speciality.


Ian McMillan

Ian A McMillan is an experienced journalist, who has launched and edited several publications in the healthcare field. Most recently, he was deputy editor of Frontline, the magazine for members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. He moved into journalism after qualifying as a mental health and learning disability nurse. He is keen to hear from readers who would like to contribute to PhysioUpdate – whether with ideas for articles or news items that would appeal to our readers.

Commercial Director

Tim Porter

Tim, who has led publishing teams in the professional sector for more than 20 years, is commercial director at advertising sales agency Media Shed. He has previously held senior positions at several media companies, including Reed Business Publishing and Mark Allen Group. Since 2016, Tim has built principled relationships with industry leaders in the physiotherapy sector, and is delighted to apply this expertise to PhysioUpdate. If you would like to work with us collaboratively, please contact Tim.

Audience Development

Lisa Simpson

Lisa has worked in healthcare publishing for 25 years, handling production and content delivery for some of the UK’s leading healthcare professional bodies (CSP, RCM, CPHVA etc). Lisa has expertise in audience development and social media, and ensures that everything works smoothly for PhysioUpdate.

Business Administration

Beverley Carter

Beverley handles the business administration for PhysioUpdate, and ensures we are fulfilling our beliefs, brief and remit. Bev has a background in account management at healthcare ad agencies (Kingsway and TMP), and a track record of strong business admin.

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