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PhysioUpdate 21st September 2021

Beware using controlling language when helping athletes to return to sport, clinicians urged

Physiotherapists and other clinicians should avoid conveying potentially disempowering messages –  such as ‘you must’ or ‘you need to’ – when helping injured athletes to return to sport (RTS).

That is one of the key messages in a paper appearing in the latest issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine, to which physiotherapist Tom Goom, from the Physio Rooms in Falmer, East Sussex, made a key contribution.

'Non-controlling' forms of communication are likely to improve athletes' adherence levels

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Dynamic south London duo poised to open second physiotherapy and osteopathic clinic

The practitioners behind south London-based Kennington Osteopaths & Physiotherapy are about to see their ambitious plans to open a second clinic in the area come to fruition.

Osteopath Andrea Rippe and Pietro Susini – who is something of a rarity in being both a physiotherapist and an osteopath – will open the doors of Elephant Park Osteopaths to members of the public for the first time in October.

Despite his particularly hectic schedule, Pietro found time to tell PhysioUpdate editor Ian A McMillan more about the new venture and his unusual professional background.


Andrea and Pietro are joined on the couch by their 'little mascot', Tina the dachshund

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Vita Health Group's contribution to healthcare recognised in 2021 HealthInvestor Awards
Vita Health Group triumphed in two categories at the 2021 HealthInvestor Awards

Vita Health Group’s ‘outstanding contribution’ to healthcare from March 2020 to March this year was recognised at the 2021 HealthInvestor Awards in London earlier this week.

The independent provider won in two categories: Primary Care Provider of the Year and IT Innovator of the Year.

These are special awards for us because they are recognition of the team’s outstanding contribution to healthcare during a time like no other [Derrick Farrell, Vita Health Group]

What the judges said about the company’s primary care provision:

  • Vita Health Group provided a very impressive service, not only managing to continue services through the pandemic by rapid adoption of new delivery models’
  • ‘What Vita Health Group has done over the past year exhibits commercial focus, clear public purpose, innovative use of technology and strong people skills’

Vita‘s work in mobilising four large NHS primary care mental health services during the Covid-19 pandemic won particular praise. The company also ensured that its corporate customers could access a full service, and integrated ‘life-changing innovations’ into treatment plans.

The company's use of technology to increase access to mental health care and support, drive user engagement and enhance service choice helped it gain the IT Innovator of the Year 2021 award. The judges’ comments included the following:

  • ‘It’s great to see workplace health and wellbeing addressed in an innovative way’
  • ‘Vita Health Group has delivered impressive digital innovation over the last year’

Derrick Farrell, Vita Health Group’s chief executive, said: ‘These are special awards for us because they are recognition of the team’s outstanding contribution to healthcare during a time like no other, and where the need for mental health support has never been greater.

‘We are dedicated to making people better and to do that we commit ourselves to developing valuable solutions for patients and clinicians alike.’

LaingBussion Awards 2021

Meanwhile, Vita Health Group has been named as a finalist in three categories in the prestigious LaingBussion Awards 2021: Management Excellence; Innovation in Health Tech; and Primary care and diagnostics.

The winners of the LaingBuisson Awards will be announced at a ceremony at the Park Plaza in London on 18 November.

Vita Health Group comprises three leading UK healthcare providers: Crystal Palace Physio Group, a specialist physiotherapy service provider; Workplace Wellness, which specialises in understanding and assisting emotional and mental health in the workplace; and RehabWorks, a provider of physical and mental health programmes across the UK.

 Vita Health Group:

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