PhysioUpdate 27th July 2021

Charity urges physiotherapists to embrace social prescribing to help their patients blossom

Physiotherapists have been urged to discover more about the benefits of social prescribing in a special message from a charity that promotes recovery among people with mental health and physical issues.

Speaking exclusively to PhysioUpdate, James Sanderson, the chief executive of the National Academy for Social Prescribing (NASP), said: ‘As a physio you know that activity matters. And what exercise looks like differs for every person.'


Older adults in Plymouth, Devon, enjoy meeting up for weekly 'walk & talk' sessions

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MPs call for fundamental changes in how concussion is managed and recorded in sport at all levels

Most clinicians are unlikely to know about the latest evidence on treating people with concussion because they come across the condition so rarely.

That is one of the conclusions set out in a report titled ‘Concussion in Sport’, which was published today (22 July) by the House of Commons digital, culture, media and sport (DCMS) committee.


An injured football player receives an assessment (stock photo)

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Scottish Health Awards 2021 nominations: have you or your colleagues gone that 'extra mile'?
Seeking physios who have gone that 'extra mile' to improve people's health and wellbeing

Physiotherapists based in Scotland are being invited to put themselves – or a colleague – forward in the allied health professional (AHP) category of the prestigious Scottish Health Awards 2021, writes Ian A McMillan.

Physios and other AHPs who have gone ‘that extra mile to improve the health and wellbeing of others’ are being sought – whether they are employed in the NHS, health and social care partnerships (including the voluntary sector) or local authorities.

Deadline for nominations is 26 August

Previously named the ‘therapist award’, it is one of 16 categories in this year’s awards, with the deadline for submissions being 26 August.

The Scottish Health Awards 2021 website explains that AHPs manage the care for people ‘throughout the life course from birth to palliative care’ and that the finalists will be announced by 4 October.

‘This award is for an AHP providing excellent care and support for people in Scotland. Is there someone who deserves special recognition for their efforts and dedication to the work they do?

‘Tell us about the person you want to nominate – what is it about them that makes their contribution to the health and social care sector in Scotland so special.’

Option to nominate a team

While teams and groups cannot be nominated for the AHP award, they can be nominated for another category: the ‘top team’ award.

Other categories include the ‘people’s choice’ award, which will be put to a public vote after nominations close on 26 August. When the judging panel has selected the ‘most inspiring’ nominations, people can vote for their favourite one.  

The awards ceremony will take place on 4 November.

The 16 award categories are:

allied health professional award

• innovation award

• volunteers award

• midwife award

• support worker award

• young achiever award

• unsung hero award

• care for mental health award

• integrated care award

• tackling health inequalities award

• leader of the year award

• nurse award

• doctor award

• top team award

• global citizenship award

• people’s choice award


The awards are run by the Daily Record with NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government.

For more details, see:

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