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Dynamic news and information for the UK’s most progressive Private Physiotherapy practices.
Private Practice Physiotherapy in the UK is a dynamic and progressive sector– advancing physical therapies and making them more accessible to all whilst constantly striving to raise standards and improving business through new products, services and technology.

PhysioUpdate supports these progressive practices by keeping them informed through its digital channels. PhysioUpdate is designed for the practices who want to drive performance, growth and profitability. These are the businesses that invest in new skills, new products and new technology. Our team has decades of experience and success delivering both valuable and engaging content for the practice team and marketing solutions for suppliers and manufacturers. Ian A McMillan is an experienced journalist, who has launched and edited several publications in the healthcare field. Most recently, he was deputy editor of Frontline, the magazine for members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. He moved into journalism after qualifying as a mental health and learning disability nurse. Tim Porter headed up commercial sales across the CSP portfolio for several years and has built and delivered many successful marketing campaigns for his clients.

PhysioUpdate has identified the practices which are the most eager to progress and drive business growth through investment in new products and new services. Our audience want to engage with suppliers and are enthusiastic about product information that will support their practice growth ambitions.

Why PhysioUpdate?

Too many publishers offer their suppliers a ‘quantity without quality’ marketing solution. High cost which delivers very little return on this investment. PhysioUpdate provides a high quality and high ROI proposition. Requested by practices that want to invest and drive business performance, our audience are eager to learn from and engage with suppliers who can help them grow. PhysioUpdate is sent only to decisions makers and critical influencers within the UK’s ‘Top 4,000’ private practices.

We know that our audience likes to consume information whilst in perpetual motion! Experience tells us that successful physiotherapists do not read trade or association magazines. They are out of date before they arrive, very rarely carry any useful product and supplier information and are quickly filed in the office bin. We have asked our audience how they prefer to receive content and supplier news. We have then designed bespoke products for them and then comprehensively tested their effectiveness.

PhysioUpdate has been built from the ground up to deliver the very best information solution for our physiotherapists as well as offering our suppliers high engagement and response levels across their marketing campaigns.

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