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BOOK OF THE MONTH - Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy

Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy, 7th Edition and an updated and enhanced Kinesiology in Action work together to create an immersive, multimedia experience that tracks your progress until you've mastered the must-know primary concepts and principles of human movement and are ready to apply them in class, clinic, and practice. You'll develop the foundational knowledge, critical-thinking skills, and technical competencies you need to understand kinesiology.An access code inside new, printed texts unlocks an ebook, as well as access to Kinesiology in Action.

Power Diary
Power Diary

The 7th Edition of this classic kinesiology text presents a very complicated topic in a clear, simple, and easy-to-understand manner. Bite-size sections and over 550 full color illustrations show how various anatomical systems are structured to help you identify and see the connections between them and how they work together to provide function.

  • Expanded! Emphasis on the biomechanical and kinesiological principles.
  • Revised! Reorganization of content to make foundational information easier to understand and apply
  • New! Three types of tables in each extremity joint chapter, "Range of Motion for Osteokinematic Movements," "Osteokinematic and Arthrokinematic Motions" and "Classification of Articular System and Arthrokinematic Characteristics"
  • Introductory chapters that present an essential foundation in body systems, terminology, and biomechanical principles
  • Well-designed charts that summarize companion movements and prime movers
  • Use of analogies to make concepts comprehensible and memorable
  • "Points to Remember," "Summary of Muscles," "Summary of Muscle Innervation," and "Summary of Muscle Action" tables.
    End-of-chapter review questions

Kinesiology in Action-Updated, Expanded & Revised! Fifteen online learning modules with a wealth of activities guide you step by step through the basic theory of joint structure and muscle action to ensure you understand normal function as a foundation for treating common pathologies of movement.

  • New! User-friendly, contemporary design and functionality
  • New! Exercises and activities to engage and challenge students
  • New! Videos for each joint module showing joint motion and functional activity, palpation points, and bony landmarks
  • Gradebook and class management tools to make it easy for instructors to monitor students' progress and intervene to remediate
  • Introductory Video-overview of each module
  • Pre-Assessment-10 multiple-choice questions that record your results to your gradebook
  • Pre-Lab Practice-Labeling, coloring, matching, and muscle identification activities as well as flashcards, with all results recorded to your gradebook
  • Lab Activities-Critical-Thinking, Video-Based Lessons-60 all-new videos displaying palpation and joint motions
  • Post-Lab Assessment-10 multiple-choice questions that record your results to your gradebook
  • Video Library-134 videos in all, including 60 videos from the lab activities

ISBN-13: 9781719644525
Publisher: F.A. Davis Company
Publication date: October, 2022
Pages: 488
Weight: 657g
Availability: Contact supplier
Subcategories: AnatomyCounselling & TherapyPhysiotherapy

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Power Diary
Power Diary
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