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ClinicalJun 11, 2021

'Completely new' behavioural intervention for physios treating people with knee osteoarthritis

Physiotherapists have helped to develop a ‘completely new behavioural intervention’ for treating people with knee osteoarthritis (OA), according to a paper written by team of researchers based in England.

The ‘cognitive muscular therapy’ intervention – which brings together ideas from the disparate fields of pain science, biomechanics and health psychology – can be delivered by physiotherapists, the team notes.



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One person in 10 aged over 55 has been diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis (X-ray scan)

The researchers

The approach is outlined in an open-access paper, titled A new integrated behavioural intervention for knee osteoarthritis: development and pilot study, that was published earlier this week by the journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders.

Lead author Steve Preece is research director at the University of Salford’s centre for health sciences research, where his co-authors Anita E Williams, Richard K Jones and Chelsea Starbuck also work. A fourth co-author, Nathan Brookes, is based at the centre but also works at Salford Royal NHS Trust’s physiotherapy department.

The other two authors are Anthony Jones, from the University of Manchester’s human pain research group, and Nicola E ...

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