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GeneralMay 7, 2021

Covid-19's 'silver lining': an expansion in the delivery of physiotherapy using digital options

Last year’s spread of the Covid-19 pandemic around the world appears to have had an unexpected ‘silver lining’, according to a briefing paper published by World Physiotherapy, the London-based body that represents 125 member organisations.

As the pandemic unfolded and lockdowns occurred sporadically, ‘receptive and creative’ physiotherapists began to embrace new approaches through using digital platforms, resulting, in some cases, in a ‘significant expansion’ in provision, the report states.


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Rays of hope articulated in World Physiotherapy briefing paper

The paper, titled World Physiotherapy Response to Covid-19: Physiotherapy digital practice experiences and insights during Covid-19, is based on the responses to a survey from all five of World Physiotherapy’s regions at the end of 2020.

Thirty-four member organisations took part, and three sub-groups and 148 individual physiotherapists from 48 countries or territories also submitted responses.

One member organisation said: ‘We must also make the most of the cultural change in the profession and in the public with acceptance of digital. If we don't make the most of this it will take years to regain any lost ground.’

While some respondents had previously mainly used digital platforms to deliver musculoskeletal services, a ‘significant growth&r...

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