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ExclusiveJan 22, 2021

'Destined' to be a physio, Alistair Beverley speaks out for people with learning disabilities: a Q&A

The death toll among people with learning disabilities triggered by Covid-19 has been raising huge concerns for months, as a PhysioUpdate article highlighted last November. 

In this exclusive article, you can read what Alistair Beverley, a committed learning disability physiotherapist, has to say about the issues and how physios in other areas of practice can play their part in delivering appropriate support.

Alistair Beverley leads a team of nine physio staff working with further education students

Does the pandemic raise concerns for you, given your area of practice?

Covid-19 poses a very real risk for people with learning disabilities. Irrespective of your field of practice, the figures from the first wave tell a harrowing story: people with learning disabilities are more likely to die from coronavirus than people without by a ratio of six to one.

Death rates in young men aged 18-34 are 30 times higher than the general population. We already know that people with learning disabilities have significantly reduced life expectancy (from 17-20 years less before comorbidities are taken into account) and this gap has widened through this pandemic. 

Statistics aside, people with learning disabiliti...

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