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GeneralFeb 16, 2021

Innovative respiratory support units must be funded and rolled out across the UK, urges the BTS

Funds should be freed up urgently to allow every acute hospital in the UK to have a respiratory support unit (RSU), according to the British Thoracic Society (BTS), whose president elect is a physiotherapist.

The RSU approach emerged in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and has been refined into a standardised model by the BTS and the Intensive Care Society.

Photo Credit: BTS
Professor Bennett insists the size of the respiratory workforce must grow

In a statement timed to coincide with the society's winter meeting, which is being held today, its chair Jon Bennett said RSUs must be a ‘centre of excellence in respiratory care’ at every acute hospital.

'It’s imperative that they are officially recognised, supported and adequately funded so that they can outlive the Covid-19 pandemic,' Professor Bennett noted. ‘They need robust standard operating policies and the appropriate workforce from the start, as well as funding to run them.

‘We know that the skills already exist in our NHS, however the numbers do not. So, we also need a commitment to increase the size of specialised respiratory workforce,’ Professor Bennett added.

Physiotherapists providi...

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