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LeadershipMar 20, 2024

Jonathon Kruger - a 'stalwart advocate and defender for global physiotherapists' - to quit post

The seven members of World Physiotherapy’s board will shortly begin searching for a new chief executive after announcing that Jonathon Kruger is leaving the organisation.

After holding the post since August 2016, Mr Kruger is leaving in May and will take up a new role elsewhere. He moved from to London – where World Physiotherapy is based – from Melbourne, Australia, where he had gained a lot of management experience after graduating in physiotherapy.

World Physiotherapy president Michel Landry and board member described Mr Kruger as a ‘stalwart advocate and defender' for global physiotherapists and the charity. ‘His steadfast dedication, commitment, and passion for World Physiotherapy are inspirational, and he leaves a lasting legacy. His many accomplishments as a leader are impressive, and he will be missed within our organisation.'

Mr Landry added: ‘The World Physiotherapy community extends our sincere appreciation for all that he has built, and we wish him the very best in his future endeavours.'

World Physiotherapy staff and members are currently making plans for the organisation's next congress, which will be held in Tokyo in May 2025.

Photo Credit: World Physiotherapy
Having worked in the UK and Australia, Mr Kruger is off to pastures new in May

Power Diary
Power Diary

During his tenure, Mr Kruger oversaw the rebranding of WCPT as World Physiotherapy.

Other initiatives include

  • support for 26 national physiotherapy associations joining the confederation
  • delivery of over 50 advocacy campaigns in collaboration with member organisations on topics such as direct access, raising education standards, establishing systems of regulation and access to telerehabilitation, and provision of personal protective equipment during the pandemic
  • representation at a global level with the World Health Organization, World Health Assembly, World Rehabilitation Alliance and World Health Professions Alliance
  • advancing programmes in Africa, south east Asia and central Asia to develop physiotherapist education and training
  • development of a new World Physiotherapy constitution
  • delivery of World Physiotherapy’s first online congress and first hybrid general meeting
  • introduction of electronic voting for member organisations
  • enhancing support and contact for four regions to enable them to hold effective general meetings and online elections, and successful webinar series
  • support for the transition to a charitable incorporated organisation

Suh-Fang Jeng, World Physiotherapy’s vice president, said it would be difficult to replace Mr Kruger: ‘His eminent efforts and exceptional accomplishments in establishing the new constitution, launching professional projects, building a model for support of the regions, and collaborating with various stakeholders during the Covid-19 pandemic period will be long be remembered in the history of World Physiotherapy.’

Founded in 1951, World Physiotherapy is the sole international voice for physiotherapy. It represents more than 600,000 physiotherapists worldwide, through 128 member organisations. World Physiotherapy operates as a non-profit organisation and is registered as a charity (World Confederation for Physical Therapy) in the UK. 

Author: I A McMillan
Power Diary
Power Diary
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