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MusculoskeletalJun 2, 2021

Make today the day your patients’ lives ‘will surely change’, MSK physiotherapists are urged 

Are musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapists armed with the confidence and skills they need to persuade people to change their behaviours and live more healthily?

That is the central question in a debate article appearing in the latest issue of Physiotherapy, titled This is the day your life must surely change: Prioritising behavioural change in musculoskeletal practice.


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Change must become the 'new normal', the authors suggest in their debate article

The article’s lead author is Professor Jeremy Lewis, who is based at University of Hertfordshire’s department of allied health professions in the school of health and social work.

The second author is Colette Ridehalgh, from the IWK Health Centre, Halifax, Canada. The other two authors are Ann Moore and Kevin Hall, both of whom are based at the University of Brighton.

Physiotherapists need to ask ourselves if we understand the importance of behavioural change and if we have the skills and knowledge to incorporate it as an integral part of the management we offer [Prof Lewis et al.]Challenging conclusion

At the conclusion of their article, the authors throw out a dramatic challenge to ...

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