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GeneralFeb 25, 2021

Mental health physiotherapists want 'experts by experience' to join their professional network

The Chartered Physiotherapists in Mental Health (CPMH) professional network has launched a publicity drive to find at least two ‘experts by lived experience’ who would like to join its committee.

Committee member Rory Higgins, a specialist neuropsychiatric physiotherapist with South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, told PhysioUpdate the initial response had been ‘very positive’.




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Bid to find people with 'lived experience' of mental health services has positive response

While an official deadline had not been set, he said he hoped the positions would be filled by the end of this month (February 2021), with the successful applicants being offered monetary vouchers in return for their ‘valuable time and contributions’.

The move reflects something of a sea-change in how professional networks and special interest groups in the field of physiotherapy are represented.

‘I think having lived experience representatives on physiotherapy networks is a progressive and responsive shift in approach. Fundamentally, the viewpoints and experiences of service users should be central to physiotherapists’ dynamic agendas,' Mr Higgins said.

Shift from the past

‘It is ...

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