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AwardsMar 21, 2024

National Orthopaedic Alliance invites physios to submit entries to Excellence in Orthopaedics Awards

Physiotherapists working for leading services in Belfast, Barts, Bristol and Bolton are among those who have until 3 May to submit entries to this year’s National Orthopaedic Alliance (NOA) Excellence in Orthopaedics Awards.

The NOA launched the 2024 awards – the third to have been held on an annual basis – earlier this week (18 March). It urged member organisations to submit examples of projects and teams that have ‘distinguished themselves through exemplary contributions, influence, and commitment to transforming services across orthopaedics’. 

Entries must relate to work that has been carried out during the last 12 months, and trusts and other organisations that are not NOA members can be included in submissions as part of any partnership related projects with an NOA member.

Alice Fabre, the NOA’s new interim programme director, said: ‘I am excited to be part of these annual awards for the first time this year. It would be fantastic to hear from colleagues at NOA member trusts, so that we can shine a light on the great work being done across the specialty.’

Photo Credit: NOA
The winning entrants will be announced at a ceremony in Birmingham on 17 October


The five categories are as follows

  • workforce initiatives
  • supporting patients on their pathway
  • innovation in orthopaedics
  • working towards net zero: greener NHS
  • partnerships and integration initiative

The winning entrants will be announced at an awards ceremony in Birmingham on the evening of 17 October, following the completion of the NOA Annual Members’ Conference.

Member organisations include Barts Health NHS Trust, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, The Belfast Trust Orthopaedic Service and North Bristol NHS Trust. Others include the London-based Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust and the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which is based in Oswestry, Shropshire.

To see the full list of members, click 

Judges in the innovation in orthopaedics category will be looking for organisations that exhibit some or all of the following

  • creating opportunities to streamline processes to improve patient care
  • addressing a challenge in orthopaedics that could see service advances as a result
  • using innovation to support the delivery of patient pathways and enhance outcomes for patients
  • helping to shape the future of orthopaedic services and systems

First Nursing and Allied Health Professionals conference

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital will hold its first Orthopaedic Nursing and Allied Health Professionals Conference on 30 April in Birmingham. The event, which is now fully booked, is dedicated to the advancement of orthopaedic nurses and AHPs and will focus on innovation and quality improvement.

Alicia Stanton, a quality improvement project lead and physiotherapist at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham, is billed to speak in a morning session on the topic of innovations in knee joint surgery. She is joined by her colleague Akash Sharma, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon. 

Three speakers with physiotherapy backgrounds who also work at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital – Lucie Gosling, Nicola Mason and Andrew Emms – make up a therapies panel that will present at the event. Nicola is head of therapy services, while Lucy and Andrew are both consultant physiotherapy practitioners. 

Author: I A McMillan
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