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GeneralJan 20, 2021

Questions raised over ability of NHS and its staff to 'spring back' from Covid-19 pressures

The speed at which the NHS and its workforce will be able to ‘spring back’ once ongoing surges in Covid-19 cases have been curtailed will require an ‘honest conversation’.

That is the nub of a stark message issued today by NHS Employers in response to a Royal College of Physicians (RCP) survey showing that one doctor in four has sought mental health support during the pandemic.


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An 'honest conversation' over the NHS's ability to 'spring back' will be vital

Rebecca Smith, managing director of NHS Employers – which is part of the NHS Confederation – said: ‘These survey findings are sadly far from surprising, given the monumental pressures on the NHS workforce right now, with record numbers of patients in hospitals with coronavirus and about 53,800 staff away from work for reasons related to the virus, all while we are rolling out the largest ever mass vaccination programme.

This way of working is clearly unsustainable, and an honest conversation will be needed about how quickly the NHS can spring back once this peak subsides [Rebecca Smith, NHS Employers]

‘It is important that staff are able to access support, and we should be encouraging this in terms of supporting their well...

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