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GeneralDec 11, 2020

Snapshot of rehab services for long Covid patients in Scotland raises concern over 'unknowns'

Community-based physios and their colleagues urgently need more information on treating patients with the symptoms of long Covid, according to a research paper published earlier this month.

Written by Edward Duncan, an associate professor at the faculty of health sciences and sport at the University of Stirling, and five others, the paper gives an insight into what is currently happening in the NHS in Scotland.

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Some Scottish health boards are looking at digital options for their long Covid services

The researchers conducted an online survey among directors of allied health professions (AHPs) in all of the 14 health boards in Scotland from the middle of October to early November.

Most (13) directors said their long Covid patients were being treated within pre-existing rehabilitation services. One board was running a new service for them while another was in the process of setting one up.

But most directors were unable to say how many patients were receiving treatment during the period in question, suggesting that data were not yet being routinely collected in a universal manner, Dr Duncan and his colleagues state.

While community rehabilitation has been routinely provided within the NHS in Scotland for many years, there are many unknowns reg...

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