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SponsoredDec 8, 2020

The Latest Innovation In Tele-Rehabilitation

Take care of your patients from home, hassle-free, and with full-control over their progress - only with the Ultimate Remote Physiotherapist Bundle!


Serving your physiotherapy patients in the office and in the home has never been easier. 

Imagine being able to measure your patients' progress with the help of the latest in cutting-edge artificial intelligence for wellness. That is what you get with BoBo Balance products.

Monitor and analyse your patients' recovery with 'real-time' feedback. Here are just some of the benefits of using BoBo products;

  • Help your patients stay committed for longer periods of time
  • Visual real-Time Range of Motion (ROM) Biofeedback
  • Set up in less than 5 minutes!

We are offering PhysioUpdate readers a special package. Four products for the price of just one! Here is what we are including in our offer;

  • BoBo Pro Balance Board
  • BoBo Tab
  • BoBo Motion Joint Tracker Sensor
  • BoBo Home Balance Board

We also offer a free one-to-one session with a member of the NivaMD team to teach you how to implement the products within your practice.

Go to our website to see what our customers are saying about our products https://nivamd.com/

The entire range of BoBo products is designed to help both physiotherapists and patients make the most of their therapy.



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