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In PracticeOct 16, 2020

Welcome to Priya Dasoju's world: extolling the benefits of yoga  

Physiotherapist Priya Dasoju is in her element offering yoga classes and other services to patients at a hospice in Hertfordshire. PhysioUpdate editor Ian A McMillan poses some questions for the committed yoga enthusiast and former professional adviser at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

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On a roll: yoga's mental and physical benefits are increasingly being recognised

A recent systematic review, which had input from physiotherapists, found evidence of the positive effect of yoga beyond usual care for reducing depressive symptoms in people with a range of mental disorders

Is yoga gaining more acceptance in mainstream physiotherapy?

I think yoga is increasingly being accepted as a legitimate form of exercise, but it’s clear that the relaxation and mindfulness elements draw many individuals to it. The perception that yoga is only for ‘bendy’ people or women, for example, is thankfully disappearing and we see a changing demographic taking up classes. There is a growing body of evidence on the benefits of yoga. A recent systematic review...

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