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RehabilitationJun 25, 2021

World PT Day on 8 September will focus on rehabilitation and long Covid

More than 600,000 physiotherapists around the world are being encouraged play their part in making World PT Day on 8 September a success.

World Physiotherapy, the global body that represents more than 660,000 physiotherapists from member organisations in 125 countries and territories, has announced that this year’s event will focus on rehabilitation and long Covid.

Photo Credit: World Physiotherapy
Physiotherapists make sure exercise programmes do not worsen long Covid symptoms



Long Covid is different for everyone. A physiotherapist can help people manage their symptoms and work with them to support their recovery [Emma Stokes, World Physiotherapy]

Physiotherapist and World Physiotherapy president Emma Stokes said: ‘A physiotherapist can help people living with long Covid as part of a rehabilitation programme and make sure exercise prescription is approached with care to minimise risk and to ensure exercise programmes are restorative and do not make an individual’s symptoms worse.

‘Long Covid is different for everyone. A physiotherapist can help people manage their symptoms and work with them to support their recovery.’

What is long Covid?

  • one person in 10 of with the condition has symptoms that develop during or after Covid-19 infection and last for at least 12 weeks
  • it is a multi-system disease, with more 200 symptoms occurring in a variety of combinations

The World PT Day toolkit includes materials information sheets and posters. Currently provided in English, they will shortly be available in French and Spanish, and volunteers have offered to translate the materials into more than 50 languages in the coming weeks.

Restrictions could apply

In announcing the theme for this year’s day, World Physiotherapy warned that holding large events and gatherings my not be possible in some countries due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The London-based organisation, which has grown steadily since its launch in 1951, noted: ‘Please consider this when making plans for World PT Day and make sure you follow any guidelines in your country/territory about social distancing.'

Social media: what can you do?

  • follow World Physiotherapy on Twitter @WorldPhysiotherapy1951 and re-tweet the messages
  • follow World Physiotherapy on Facebook and Instagram and like and share the postings
  • download and post one of the ready-made graphics with messages from the World PT Day 2021 campaign
  • use the hashtag #WorldPTDay
  • share World PT Day resources on your own platforms

To find out more, visit: https://world.physio/news/world-pt-day-will-focus-rehabilitation-and-long-covid




Author: Ian A McMillan
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