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GeneralOct 23, 2020

Chronic pain: the 'daunting' transition to adult services

'Physiotherapists help people improve what they are able to physically do on a daily basis so they can achieve more enjoyable and consistent activity levels despite pain.' That statement appears in a booklet titled Chronic Pain: Information about Transitioning to Adult Services, which is produced by the pain management team at the Walton Centre in Fazakerley, Liverpool.

Photo Credit: The Walton Centre
Making the transition to adult services can often be seen as 'daunting'

Research has shown that younger people can fail to attend appointments and become detached from adult services at a crucial stage. They may, for example, be leaving school or home and struggling to gain independence and cope with further education or a work setting. This can have a huge impact on their development generally, mental health and management of their chronic pain condition.

Planning ahead

Patients and families should begin thinking about the issues they might encounter as they move into adult services when the young person is aged from 14 to 15, according to the resource. Typically, services discharge young people to their adult counterparts once they reach the age of 18.

Many young people w...

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