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OpinionMar 12, 2021

Meet Christine, a Physiotherapy Pain Association patient rep since 2019

A recent PhysioUpdate article focused on a mental health professional network’s bid to find ‘experts by lived experience’ to join their committee (see link below).

In this Q&A with editor Ian A McMillan, Christine airs her thoughts on being a patient representative on the Physiotherapy Pain Association’s (PPA) committee – a postion she's held since 2019.





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Involve people in co-designing services, research and 'everything else', says Christine

What spurred you to get involved with the PPA?

In the summer of 2008, I experienced a manual handling injury, which has resulted in a lifelong sciatic pain condition. 

For weeks I was barely able to walk and barely able to sit down. I was in excruciating pain, in great distress and difficulty. I sought the help of many clinicians, and four years after my injury, I met a physiotherapist who helped me understand my condition and helped me better learn to manage my pain. 

This treatment episode was life-changing for me. I strongly believe that physiotherapists can be instrumental in turning round the fortunes of people living with pain, hence why I am passionate about being part of the PPA, which I joined in April 2...

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