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GeneralMar 2, 2021

Clinicians lack guidance on preventing flare-ups in cases of lower back pain, researchers claim

Physiotherapists and other clinicians who want to prevent recurring incidents of low back pain (LBP) have little evidence to draw on because researchers have tended to focus on the wrong group of patients.

That is the message contained in an editorial – titled Recommendations for shaping the future of low back pain – which appears in the latest issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine.


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Patients need the skills to manage their own conditions and carry on working

Both authors have physiotherapy backgrounds

The article is written by two Sydney-based researchers with physiotherapy backgrounds: Giovanni Ferreira, from the University of Sydney’s Institute for Musculoskeletal Health, and Mark Hancock, a professor in physiotherapy.

Despite prevention supposedly being a ‘fundamental tenet’ of medicine, the authors argue prevention has been ‘largely ignored’ in LBP investigations. Because the focus has been on treating individuals who are currently experiencing an episode, ‘little guidance’ has emerged for clinicians to draw on, the authors suggest.

'Silence' surrounding LBP prevention

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