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News from our partnersJun 1, 2022

Free webinar series to help you reduce operating costs and grow your practice

UK-based WriteUpp has launched an informative and educational series of free webinars designed to help physios through the current period of economic uncertainty.


WriteUpp, one of the UK’s leading practice management software providers, has developed this programme in response to feedback from its 13,000 strong community of AHP’s. 

Topics include:  

  • How to streamline your practice, save time and delight your clients

  • Reducing “no shows”

  • Improving cash flow by streamlining your invoicing and taking cashless payments

  • Eradicating the worry of GDPR and data security 

The series is free and you don’t need to be a WriteUpp subscriber to join. It’s broken down into small, manageable chunks, allowing you to cherry-pick exactly what you need, or work through the whole series in your own time. 

To learn more, dive into the entire webinar series here:  

WriteUpp’s Free Webinar Series 

If you’re interested in seeing how WriteUpp could help you reduce your operating costs, streamline your practice and delight your clients, sign up for a free 30-day WriteUpp trial!

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