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GeneralJan 14, 2021

HCPC seeks to allay registrants' 'anxieties' over practising while pandemic continues

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) has joined other health and social care regulators in a bid to allay ‘anxieties’ associated with practising during the ‘highly challenging circumstances’ created by the Covid-19 pandemic.  

In a joint statement released on 13 January, the HCPC acknowledges that physiotherapists and their colleagues may have to ‘depart from established procedures’ in order to provide care.

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Professionals may have to 'depart from established procedures' in current situation

‘We recognise that in highly challenging circumstances, professionals may need to depart from established procedures … our regulatory standards are designed to be flexible and to provide a framework for decision-making in a wide range of situations’.

concerns ... will always be considered on the specific facts of the case, taking into account the factors relevant to the environment in which the professional is working

‘We recognise that the individuals on our registers may feel anxious about how context is taken into account when concerns are raised about their decisions and actions in very challenging circumstances.’

Such concerns ‘will always be considered on the specific facts of the case, taking int...

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