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News From Our PartnersNov 3, 2023


New to the UK: the portable robotic rehabilitation device for early upper and lower limb mobilisation.

Leading rehabilitation and biomechanics supplier Summit Medical and Scientific has become the UK's sales partner for Danish technology developer Life Science Robotics.

Life Science Robotics are specialists in rehabilitation robotics, developing the ROBERT® - a revolutionary robot designed for the early mobilisation of patients.

As Life Science Robotics' new UK sales partner, Summit Medical and Scientific are pleased to offer the ROBERT® as part of our Clinical Solutions.


Getting patients moving as soon as possible after injury, surgery or admission to hospital is an important step towards optimal recovery and facilitating neuroplasticity. Intensive early therapy increases blood flow, improves respiratory function, maintains muscle strength, activates the digestive system, and aids a faster recovery.

The ROBERT® is a unique portable solution that offers early mobilisation of the upper and lower limb. Using the ROBERT®, therapists perform the initial movement and then the device repeats this to deliver the desired frequency and intensity.

Utilising its 7 degrees of freedom, the upper limb module rehabilitates and trains activities of daily living. The lower module provides combined movements of the ankle, knee and hip. The addition of FES affords the therapists to deliver additional therapeutic input that is synchronised to the programmed movement pattern.

For immobile patients, ROBERT® can be their first step out of bed and offers three levels of support:

  •          Active Resistive Mobilisation: The ROBERT® offers resistance against the patient’s
             movement, and the resistance level of the exercise is adjusted patient’s functional
             strength. The ROBERT® can perform resistance to any movement, as designed and
             performed initially by the clinician.
  •          Active Assistive Mobilisation: The ROBERT® guides the patient through the
             exercise. The patient’s function and strength determines the level of activity which
             follows ROBERT’s movements or is rested in cases of fatigue.
  •          Passive Mobilisation: The ROBERT® supports the rehabilitation of acute patients.
             Very early mobilisation of severely impaired patients can be facilitated using the
             ROBERT®. Patients with reduced or no function can engage in early rehabilitation.

For therapists, the ROBERT® is easy to use with a simple interface. Its assistive technology reduces the need for heavy and repetitive lifts, freeing resources for other aspects of clinical treatment and reducing the strain on the therapist.

It’s easy to move the ROBERT® from place to place, allowing therapists to transport the device throughout the clinic to each patient. Simply plug, attach, record and play using the intuitive interface.

The ROBERT®’s Sensing and Stimulating module is a method for intelligent sensing of the intent of an immobile patient based on the signals from the muscles, which is combined with Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). This supports the patient to contract the weakened muscles and perform exercises with the ROBERT®. The assist-as-needed feature helps to increase exercise for bedridden patients – even for patients who are unable to perform the exercises themselves.

To find out more about integrating rehabilitation technology into your clinical practice, please get in touch with Summit Medical and Scientific:

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