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Older peopleMay 30, 2022

Join a free online summit that will tackle deconditioning among patients at home and in hospital

Physiotherapists who want to play their part in promoting the wellbeing of patients at home and in hospital have been invited to take part in a free online summit, which will be held from 14 to 15 July.

A key figure behind this year’s #EndPJparalysis summit – the fourth in a series – is Brian Dolan, a nurse by background who is currently the honorary president of AGILE, the professional network for physios working with older people that’s endorsed by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. He will co-host the event, which will run over a 36-hour period, with Professor Lynda Holt.

The online event will be co-hosted by AGILE's hon president Brian Dolan and Lynda Holt


'Greatest champions'

Speaking exclusively to PhysioUpdate as plans for this year’s #EndPJparalysis summit were being finalised, Professor Dolan said: ‘Physiotherapists have always been the greatest champions of the #EndPJparalysis campaign to encourage patients to get up, dressed and moving while in hospital, care homes or their own homes.

‘This year’s free global #EndPJparalysis online summit on 14-15 July will have contributions from physios in the UK, Ireland, Europe and Australia. Do please register and join us via the endPJparalysis.org website.’

The 2022 summit will have three main themes

  • tackling deconditioning
  • reducing social isolation
  • creating cultures that heal

Physiotherapists have always been the greatest champions of the #EndPJparalysis campaign to encourage patients to get up, dressed and moving while in hospital, care homes or their own homes [Brian Dolan]

The #EndPJparalysis campaign has the backing of NHS physiotherapist Christopher Tuckett, a regular PhysioUpdate contributor who tweets under the title @HealthPhysio. In a recent post, Mr Tuckett said: ‘Those in hospital beds “waiting” for discharge, those with long term conditions that cannot be "cured", those approaching their end of life. Would all benefit hugely from an environment properly attuned to their goals & true capabilities. #EndPjParalysis #RightToRehab.'

AGILE move

Professor Dolan is an honorary professor of leadership in healthcare at the University of Salford and an honorary adjunct professor of innovation in healthcare at Bond University in Queensland, Australia.

Referring to his position with AGILE, he said: ‘It’s such an honour to be the first nurse to become honorary president of AGILE as it reinforces our mutual interests and opportunities to learn from nursing and physiotherapy goals to reduce suffering and enable people to lead their fullest lives.’

To find out more about AGILE, visit: https://agile.csp.org.uk

What the organisers say

'The 4th #EndPJparalysis Global Summit will bring people from health and social care around the world together to share best practice, to explore the research, cases studies and lived experience around the impact of deconditioning.

'The summit will include a wide range of clinical presentations as well as leadership and perspectives on looking after those in the caring professions.

'Like previous years, there will be an eclectic mix of speakers, panel discussions and the opportunity to ask questions and build up your peer network.'

To find out more about the summit, visit: www.endpjparalysis.org

Author: Ian A McMillan
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