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GeneralMar 16, 2021

NHS staff more optimistic than the public over potential offered by 'technology-enabled' approaches

A UK-wide survey of more than 1,400 NHS clinicians – with allied health professionals featuring prominently among them – has uncovered a groundswell of support for the greater use of digital technology.

The results, published today (16 March) in a Health Foundation report titled Securing a positive health care technology legacy from Covid-19, are based on an online survey conducted over a one-week period straddling late October and early November 2020.

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One older person in two felt the quality of the healthcare they received had worsened

The report examines the NHS’s increasing reliance on technological solutions – such as video consultations, online appointment bookings and remote monitoring at home – to reach patients as the Covid-19 pandemic made traditional approaches increasingly untenable.

Six staff respondents in ten (61 per cent) said the NHS should seek to exploit more technology-enabled approaches in the future, while about half (49 per cent) of the 4,300-plus respondents in separate survey of members of the public agreed.

However, the report points out, a significant minority in both the public (36 per cent) and NHS staff (31 per cent) surveys were not convinced about the long-term viability of these approaches.

While most respondents in the public survey reported having...

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