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News From Our PartnersNov 7, 2023

No-one else is doing what HCPG are doing says Specialist Pain Physiotherapist, Nicola Brown

Integrative Physiotherapy is based in Covingham, Swindon, and is run by Specialist Pain Physiotherapist, Nicola Brown.

The clinic specialises in improving the lives of people with conditions such as:

  • persistent back and neck pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • arthritis
  • neuropathic pain
  • CRPS
  • following trauma or illness
  • widespread or unexplained pain

To find out more, visit: https://www.integrative-physiotherapy.co.uk/


The Questions

When/where did you graduate in physiotherapy and what made you gravitate towards your current speciality?

I graduated from the University of Brighton in 2001. After completing my junior rotations (as they were at the time), I moved to Swindon (from Bristol) to start a Band 6 rotational role in MSK out-patients, and the vacancy happened to be in pain management. It was not a speciality I had considered at the time, but I have stayed in it ever since – progressing into a Band 7 role, completing my masters in pain management in 2015, and now I immerse myself in the world of pain research and best practice, and love working with the people that I do.

Tell us a little about your clinic and how you work?

I was working 2 days a week in the NHS after having my son, in the local pain service, and I decided that rather than ask for more hours when he went to school I would set up my own practice instead, as it is something I have always wanted to do. We had a garden room built in 2021, and that year I launched my business ‘Integrative Physiotherapy’. I am passionate about all things health related, and could see that a lot of people I saw with persistent pain, also struggled with things such as low energy, poor nutrition, weight gain, stress, and sleep problems, and that it was about more than just giving people information, it was about empowering and supporting them to make the changes that would improve their lives overall. I trained as a health coach in 2021, which was mainly based around a motivational interviewing approach, and I now incorporate this into my practice.

We understand that HCPG helped you with an issue. Tell us more (when/what did they do/how was the issue resolved etc)?

As I was setting up my business I was already aware that there were a number of policies and risk assessments that I would need to ensure that I was practicing safely, and within the standards set by the HCPC. I had been a health and safety delegate within my local trust, and to be honest, I thought that some of these requirements were reserved for the big organisations and companies. I happened to hear Sarah and Sandra speak on the Physio Matters Podcast one day, and I was interested to here that actually all of these things still applied to me as a sole trader. They thoughtfully explained about all of the things that a physiotherapist setting up their own practice would need in place, and I realised at that point that I needed some help with it all, as it did sound quite overwhelming!

What happened next was a wonderful journey of learning, with support and guidance, gaining fuller understanding and in the application of all of the various policies (as set out by the HCPC) and more. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Sandra and Sarah, and they were so knowledgeable, without ever being judgemental. It wasn’t a quick process, and it took time for me to see how all of the policies, audits, safe systems of work and risk assessments all fitted together, and were not to be treated in isolation.

After working through all of the policy documents together I decided to sign up for an independent audit with them. We had already worked together for some time by this point (June 2023), but I was still amazed to get 90% in my first audit! After a few months of going back and working through some of the finer points, I then achieved 98% in my October re-audit. This earned the clinic an outstanding achievement 5-star award, which I have been immensely proud to showcase since.

What might have happened without their help?

I can’t think where I would be, and how I would feel at this point without their help and support. I am now a confident clinic owner, that trusts in a number of robust processes that have ben set up, to ensure that I maintain this high level of compliance.

How would you describe Sarah and Sandra’s style/approach?

They are both lovely and friendly to work with, but also stay firm to their mission to ensure that you are clear about the things you are responsible for, and need to understand and action.

Would you recommend HCPG’s services to other physios and AHPs?

Yes, absolutely!

I don’t believe you can fully understand what you need to know and have in place by searching for other people’s processes and policies, trying to make them fit for your own practice. No-one else is doing what HCPG are doing, and with their background and experience you are going to be in the best hands. To find out more, click here

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