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ExerciseJan 13, 2023

Physiotherapists can learn how to deliver high-intensity boxing sessions to people with Parkinson's

Rock Steady Boxing, a not-for-profit organisation with roots in the USA, has been given a Parkinson’s UK physical activity grant to offer high-intensity boxing training sessions to physiotherapists and other aspiring coaches in the UK.

Non-contact boxing provides a vigorous workout for people with Parkinson’s and can help them to stay active. Rock Steady Boxing already supports affiliates in Widnes and Glasgow, and the funding will subsidise training courses for up to 10 approved boxing coaches in the UK.

The Rock Steady Boxing courses are designed for physiotherapists, boxing coaches, personal trainers, fitness coaches and medical professionals who work with – or want to support – clients with Parkinson’s. Courses involve 10 hours’ online learning and a two-day coaching session at Rock Steady Boxing in Widnes in March.

Photo Credit: Parkinson’s UK
Boxing clever: schemes are already up and running in Widnes and Glasgow


Grants open up opportunites in a range of sports

Parkinson’s UK and Rock Steady Boxing are subsidising training costs for new head coaches, as well as helping to reduce the first-year affiliate costs. For a discounted fee of £325, successful applicants will receive comprehensive training that will equip them with the skills to deliver physical activity opportunities to members of the Parkinson’s community.

The development is part of Parkinson’s UK’s physical activity grants programme, which is supporting more than 80 new projects on the UK. The grants will enable people with Parkinson’s to try sports such as table tennis, boxing, walking football and Boccia.

We hope that this great offer will help set up new Rock Steady centres all over the UK, and ultimately help thousands of people to live well with the condition [Tim Morton, Parkinson’s UK]

'Gold standard' training

Parkinson’s UK physical activity programme manager Tim Morton said Rock Steady Boxing offers ‘gold standard’ training to would-be boxing coaches, giving them an understanding of Parkinson’s and helping people with the condition understand the benefits of being physically active.

‘We hope that this great offer will help set up new Rock Steady centres all over the UK, and ultimately help thousands of people to live well with the condition.’

Rock Steady Boxing’s chief executive officer Ryan Cotton said: ‘Current evidence from the Parkinson’s community supports regular, vigorous activity to help manage symptoms and Rock Steady Boxing is a great way to deliver this life-changing physical activity.'

He added: 'We hope that with training across the UK, we can develop more locations, so the entire Parkinson’s community has a local Rock Steady Boxing class available to them.’

To apply for one of the discounted training places, visit: Rock Steady Boxing and use the discount code ‘UK2023’.

To find out more, visit: Rock Steady Boxing's affiliate programme

To register as a Rock Steady Boxing affiliate or for more information about joining a training course, email: info@rocksteadyboxing.org 

Rock Steady Boxing 

Rock Steady Boxing started in Indianapolis in 2006 and supports 871 affiliate boxing partnerships and 43,500 approved coaches internationally.

For further information, visit: https://rocksteadyboxing.org/

Author: Ian A McMillan
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