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GeneralDec 6, 2020

Pulmonary fibrosis: patients say they are missing out on vital rehab after Covid-19 pandemic

People with pulmonary fibrosis may be missing out on vital rehabilitation programmes as a result of Covid-19, according to the results of a survey conducted by the Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust.

The trust’s online survey – which elicited responses from 263 respondents (150 patients and 113 carers or former carers) – found that more than a third (37 per cent) reported that their pulmonary exercise and education programmes had stalled since the start of the pandemic. 


Photo Credit: Alamy
The effects of pulmonary fibrosis are shown in this image

The trust, a charity, is concerned that sessions appear to have been cut short or cancelled at a time when rises in respiratory complications as a result of Covid-19 are being predicted.

Exercise and education programmes help patients to improve management of their breathlessness and symptoms [physiotherapist Kim Verry]

‘Pulmonary rehabilitation is an essential part of managing pulmonary fibrosis and other lung disease,’ said Kim Verry, a Wirral-based clinical specialist respiratory physiotherapist who is an adviser to the charity.

‘In some form, it may prove beneficial for people recovering from the long-term impact of Covid-19,’ she pointed out. ‘Exercise and education programmes help patients to i...

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