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Mental healthJun 2, 2021

Teach student-athletes that mental health issues are on a par with physical ones, paper suggests

Young athletes should be encouraged to see mental health and wellbeing as being on a par with a physical injury, according to an editorial in the latest issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

The paper, written by a Canada-based team led by Nicholas Grubic from the department of public health sciences at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, is titled Competing against Covid-19: have we forgotten about student-athletes’ mental health?

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Recent events concerning Naomi Osaka may give the editorial added resonance

The authors define student-athletes as those who ‘participate in secondary or postsecondary school sport programmes during their academic studies’.

Young people who fall into this category should learn that mental health issues may require ongoing management and treatment, just like their physical equivalents.

Naomi Osaka 

Given the media storm over this week’s withdrawal of tennis champion Naomi Osaka from the French Open, the paper’s key messages may carry some additional resonance (even though it first appeared before these recent events).

In a series of pointers on keeping in touch with student athletes in the Covid-19 era, cont...

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