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GeneralFeb 10, 2021

With Covid-19 leaving NHS staff 'on their knees', the government must set realistic clinical goals

People working in the NHS are exhausted and ‘on their knees’ from coping with the disruption wrought by Covid-19, and cannot simply be expected to snap back into action and deliver routine services once the worst effects have passed.

That is the stark message contained in a letter sent today to the prime minister by the NHS Confederation, which represents organisations that plan, commission and provide NHS services in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Photo Credit: NHS Confederation
The NHS Confederation's Layla McCay says Covid-19's effect has been 'collosal'

Layla McCay, the confederation’s director of policy, said: ‘Over the last year, health and care staff have worked tirelessly in response to an unprecedented global threat.

'While it is encouraging that cases of coronavirus are beginning to come down in England, it is from a very high point and the impact on staff and patient services has been colossal.’

Welcoming the government’s cautious approach over when the current nationwide lockdown would be eased, Dr McCay said it would be a ‘disaster’ for the NHS and the treatment backlog if another wave of the pandemic was unleashed.

‘Health leaders will continue to prioritise urgent care and patients with the greatest clinical need, but staff are on their knees and many of the pre-...

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