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PaediatricNov 2, 2020

Children's admission rates fall after physios start home visits

Setting up a programme of regular home visits for a group of 10 children with neuro-respiratory problems in north Lanarkshire proved to be far more successful than had initially been hoped.

The programme’s benefits – contained in a case study by Richard MacPhee, an advanced practitioner in the local paediatric respiratory team – feature in a compendium of 21 studies commissioned by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) to highlight the work of allied health professionals (AHPs).



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Parents welcomed having regular home visits from physiotherapists and nurses

The north Lanarkshire programme was set up in 2018 amid concerns that children with neuro-respiratory conditions were being admitted to hospital on a regular basis. A key aim was to cut the rate of admissions by a quarter and instead offer support to the children at home. The initiative was helped by the fact one of the team’s physiotherapists had recently gained a non-medical prescribing qualification.

Regular home visits

The nurse-physio team used a screening tool developed at the children's hospital in Glasgow to score the respiratory risk factors linked to recurrent hospital admissions, the case study reports. ‘After identifying 10 of our most "at risk" patients, we decided a nurse and a physiotherapist should pro...

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