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GeneralFeb 5, 2021

Stroke Association announces £215,000 award to fund Lisa Tedesco Triccas' physiotherapy rehab study

Lisa Tedesco Triccas has been awarded a £215,000 grant to investigate whether intensive physiotherapy helps stroke survivors with arm and hand weakness.

Dr Tedesco Triccas, a PhD who graduated in physiotherapy in Malta and has spent part of her research career in Belgium, will be the principal investigator in the project, to be based at University College London.

Dr Tedesco Triccas' career has spanned three countries: Malta, Belgium and the UK

The study period starts next month, and is due for completion in March 2026. The scientific title is as follows: 'Is intensive upper limb rehabilitation effective in chronic stroke patients? A randomised controlled trial' [RCT].

In an interview published on the Stroke Association’s website, Dr Tedesco Triccas said: ‘After stroke, around three quarters of people have weakness of their arm and hand (sometimes called the “upper limb”). This can have a big impact on stroke survivors’ lives, affecting whether they’re able to prepare food, eat and drink, and put on the clothes they would like to wear.'

We don’t know how much rehabilitation is most helpful for stroke survivors. Some researchers think that 'high-do...

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