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OpinionJun 9, 2021

How to make your private practice 'LGBT friendly': physiotherapist Rachael Machin offers some advice

With June being designated as ‘Pride Month’, physiotherapist Rachael Machin offers some timely advice on making your private practice LGBT friendly. Rachael, who works in the private sector and as a locum in the NHS, was the convenor of the Chartered Society for Physiotherapy’s LGBTQIA+ network from 2011 to 2016.

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Make a difference in your practice setting during Pride month 2021: six timely tips

Rainbow badges

You may have seen rainbow badges sported by healthcare workers across the NHS in recent months. The initiative started at Evelina London Children’s hospital and has now spread across the NHS, championed by Stonewall and NHS England, with over six NHS trusts in 10 taking part. 

The purpose is to show that these services are open, non-judgemental, and inclusive places for LGBT+ people. 

Stonewall’s 2018 LGBT in Britain Health report showed that 14 per cent of LGBT+ people avoid seeking healthcare for fear of discrimination from staff. In addition, LGBT+ people experience a range of health inequalities throughout their lives which mean they are more likely to need help from health care pro...

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