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In PracticeDec 9, 2020

In a Q&A primary care pioneer Amanda Hensman-Crook explains how you can follow her lead

What is an MSK first contact practitioner/advanced practitioner in primary care?

A first contact practitioner (FCP) is a diagnostic clinician working in primary care at the top of their clinical scope of practice. This allows the FCP to be able to assess and manage undifferentiated and undiagnosed musculoskeletal (MSK) presentations. It is the minimum threshold for working as a first point of contact in primary care.

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A roadmap to working in primary care in England is now available for physios

The clinician must have at least three years’ postgraduate experience in their professional specialty area of practice before starting primary care training to become an FCP. These practitioners refer patients to GPs for the medical management of their conditions and pharmacology outside their agreed scope of practice.

Why is it a good career choice for an ambitious physio?

It’s a great opportunity to pursue a clinical career along a clear pathway to advanced practice. Although MSK care is the focus, this is a diverse role as a diagnostic clinician which requires the clinician to have a broad base of knowledge. You will be dealing with frailty, long-term conditions, complex co-morbidity, public health and safegua...

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