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In PracticeFeb 16, 2021

Meet Mo Alvi: a physiotherapist and business owner with a passion for working with people

Mo Alvi is the proud founder of Level Health, a thriving physiotherapy company that delivers innovative musculoskeletal (MSK) services directly to patients in various GP practices in east Kent.

Mo, who is also Level Health’s managing director, hopes the company will spread its wings into Berkshire and beyond once the current Covid-19 restrictions ease.


Mo Alvi addresses colleagues at the launch of Level Health in 2018

A budding entrepeneur in his teens

Now with 16 years as a physiotherapist under his belt, Mo first dipped his toes into the business world as a teenager in Lancashire, supplying cut-price fashion ‘package deals’ – pairs of locally-produced Kickers shoes coupled with pairs of Joe Bloggs jeans – to schoolmates.

‘My father had always been in business and I think it was inevitable that I would be something an entrepreneur too,’ he told PhysioUpdate.

In his teens, Mo also travelled regularly to markets in Lancashire – even venturing as far as north Wales – selling items of clothing known as ‘factory seconds’ from a stall. He recalls arriving at pitches at 4.30 am ...

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