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GeneralJan 18, 2021

Susan Pattison's 10-point plan for working remotely with patients with brain injury

Susan Pattison has a self-proclaimed ‘passion’ for working with people with brain injuries. Indeed, it was the glaring lack of community-based rehab options for people in north west England that inspired her to open her first clinic in 1998.

Since then, her reach has extended beyond the original base in Bury, Greater Manchester, and her business has expanded to include having community-based therapists in Warrington, Cheshire, and Barnsley, south Yorkshire.

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10 points to help create a viable way of reaching patients remotely (posed by a model)

The impact of Covid-19 and the first lockdown of 2020 forced Susan and her team – including her, there are eight physios and occupational therapists – to ask themselves how they could reach patients. They knew their patients and their carers relied on them but found themselves suddenly unable to conduct face-to-face treatments.

‘At that time, I would have argued that it’s impossible to provide care remotely to our patients. But we have learned really, really quickly and undertook a massive amount of work so that we could continue treating our patients – despite only being a relatively little group of practitioners.’

If someone has a balance problem, you can’t just reach through the screen and help to steady them...

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